May 11th - 13th, 2012 in Downtown LA

Join hundreds of influential and cultured Angelenos in the Arts District of downtown as Mindshare LA celebrates its 50th consecutive month of salons! The three day event will feature fascinating speakers, musicians and performers centered around a full day of inspiring talks, entertainment and art as we collectively explore "WHAT COMES NEXT?" for ourselves, our culture and our planet. Say hi: #Mindshare50

Over 15 Unique Sunday Activities to Choose from!

For those that registered for the full event, you’ll be able to partake in a game on Saturday by which you can win and trade activity cards! And even if you don’t get the exact one you want (or didn’t register for the full event), we’ll be playing games and BYO-picnicing in the Los Angeles Historic State Park on Spring St. near Chinatown. NOTE: Organized park activities such as hooping, motion play, ultimate frisbee and yoga go from 4-7pm.

Directions to the starting location will be on the activity card you receive on Saturday.

** Thanks to Hostile Fork for designing the graphics for the activity card! **


Sunday Activity List

. The Do Good Metro Crawl
Rebecca Pontius

WHEN: 12pm-4pm
WHAT:What’s better than a little Sunday “do good” crawl on the metro? We’ll be working with LA Guerrilla Gardening to do some illicit gardening in downtown LA – hopping off and on the metro and stopping for a quick adult beverage or two along the way.

We’ll have the tools and the plants, just bring $5 for a day pass on the metro.We’ll do a quick overview of Do Good Projects and our cause for the day – LA Guerrilla Gardening. We’ll plan to start the “crawl” via metro around 12:30p. Come with a full stomach, but we’ll be stopping at bars that might have a quick snack to grab.

. Improvisation in Your Life
SuperTallPaul Newman

WHEN: 1-4pm
WHAT:This workshop is designed to explore the principles of Improvisational Theater as it applies to the stage and to your life. A beginning acting workshop for the actor and non actor. Utilizing techniques of staying “”out of your head and in the moment”” and “”keeping your focus out,”” we will explore ways of navigating challenging situations. We will utilize physicality as it applies to creating a character or feeling and how to look for subtle clues in others to inform you of the “”who, what, and where”” of that moment.

We will work with one another to establish a group mind where ideas flow freely and spontaneously. Some may experience growth and transformation in this exploration, much like group therapy. Mostly we will play like little children.Come dressed to move. Bring water and something to take notes. But mostly bring an open playful spirit and desire to support others to do the same. Get lunch before.

. Interacting with the Urban Landscape: Space and Play
Jonathan C K Williams

WHEN: Noon-4pm
WHAT: Opera del Espacio is a collective of performing artists and designers whose site-specific work reveals new possibilities in public spaces by physically responding to architecture and the environment.

Purposely brought to the community to create a live, interactive and re-envisioned experience of the particular space, our goal is to challenge our audiences to reevaluate the way they view the world around them. In this workshop, participants will explore new forms of interacting with the Urban Landscape through structured, physically-based improvisational investigations. No movement experience or training necessary. All are welcome!

. Yes, LA Has A River! PART 1: Where It’s Green
Jenny Price

WHEN: 4-5pm
WHAT: Go to, down, and in the concrete LA River–as guide Jenny Price talks about why the huge current projects to revitalize America’s most famous forgotten river are really hugely bold efforts to reimagine LA’s future. See ducks! Fish! Egrets! Cool bridges! New parks! Shopping carts!

. Yes, LA Has A River! PART 2: Where All the Chase Scenes Happen
Jenny Price

WHEN: 6-7pm
WHAT: Go to, down, and in the concrete LA River downtown–as guide Jenny Price talks about why the huge current projects to revitalize America’s most famous forgotten river are really hugely bold efforts to reimagine LA’s future. See before-&-after pix from the City of LA Master Plan! See where Grease was filmed! Italian Job! In Time! Where they’ve dumped a body in every TV crime show filmed in LA!

. Arts District Tour from the Founder of LALA Gallery
Daniel Lahoda

WHEN: 1-4pm
WHAT:The LA Freewalls Project is a community supported public Art initiative to let Art happen. Since 2009 over 100 artworks have been produced by over 50 Street Artists, making the Los Angeles Arts District the largest concentration of murals in the US.This tour will familiarize the viewer with the stories behind the murals, the triumphs and tragedies of contemporary Street Art, and an introduction to the most talented Artists defining the genre today.

. Transform Outrage into Outrageous Fun
Francis DellaVecchia

WHEN: 1-4pm
WHAT: I will lead the group through a condensed version of the Joyful Activist Playshop. We will identify what, in the defined downtown area, causes in each individual a unique sense of outrage.
Then, the playshop technique guides participants to find outrageous responses to each outrage. The group will come to consensus on the singular most outrageous response, the one that will give the most joy to the most beneficiaries.

Then, using only our wits and the materials we can manifest in the given time and space, we will implement the outrageous response.The problem will be addressed, hilarity will ensue, all will go home happy and inspired to apply this technique to all manner of issues that would otherwise leave them feeling outraged, unable to combat an injustice.

. Art, Technology & Impact
Jesse Gilbert

WHEN: 3-6pm
WHAT: Friend of Hub LA, Jesse Gilbert will host a panel exploring projects where artists are using technology in their work to create social impact. Whether it be using art + technology to provide an alternative lens on a social or environmental issue or helping individuals get in touch with their inner selves, artists are utilizing cutting edge digital technologies to tell stories and connect people to one another and our planet. Come find out more about three Angelenos who are pushing the boundaries and producing at the intersection of art + technology + impact.

. Yoga Followed by Groundwork: The Basics of Self Awareness
Cherie Rae, Wendie Colter & C. Pete Lee

WHEN: Noon-3pm
WHAT: Enjoy a rejuvenating 1 hour yoga session, followed by The Practical Path. EXAMINE your core beliefs. CREATE a personal vision that inspires you. RELEASE feelings and emotions that hold you back. RECLAIM your personal power.

Join us on an exhilarating journey into self-transformation! Experience your full potential through proven coaching tools and techniques, including experiential exercises, structured self-inquiry and profound energy work. Gain useful, effective skills and tools that will help you create the life you want and deserve!


Hacker Brunch hosts “Under the Skin of a Magstripe: Physical Traces of Magnetic Fields”
Jenny Leary & Robb Godshaw

WHEN: Noon-3pm
WHAT: We all know that many bits of data are stored in the magnetic stripe on credit cards, but how? This workshop reveals the visual pattern created by that data. Learn to capture a snapshot of the inner workings of magstripe technology using ferrous powder and liquid latex. Each participant will create a translucent latex copy of their credit card that contains a visible artifact of the magnetic field pattern. For the curious, we will also discuss how to interpret your unique resulting bit pattern.

. MindFuse
Paul Grasshoff

WHEN: Noon-3pm
WHAT: Join Paul for a walk in the park! You’ll head up the the radio towers of Elysian park for a BYO-Picnic overlooking downtown & the inaugural MindFuse session. After food, break out into groups of four to explore each others goals, challenges and the best next steps forward.


A Downtown Ride on The Moveable Feast
Dan Busby

WHEN: VIP Access!
WHAT:Want to get a special ride on the banquet table that has four giant wheels? Find Dan, he’s the good looking fellow who builds amazing contraptions.Offer him a drink or tell him a good joke, and you might just land one of his heavily prized, and surprisingly comfortable seats.


Tour of The Jet Propulsion Laboratory
To be confirmed….

WHEN: ??
WHAT: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the lead U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system, and conducts major programs in space-based Earth sciences and astronomy. JPL spacecraft have visited all of the planets from Mercury to Neptune.


Park Activities 4-7pm

Join us for some hooping, motion play, ultimate frisbee and yoga! We’ll be playing games and BYO-picnicing in the Los Angeles Historic State Park on Spring St. near Chinatown. And rumor has it that Wise Guys will be up to some mischief!